Friday, September 5, 2008

Z100 Chat

I stopped by the Z100 chat for awhile today. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to save the transcript, but I took notes. Here are a few highlights from the chat with Danny: 

They are going to sell special tank tops at the shows and the proceeds will go to a breast cancer charity. He doesn’t have a “type” of woman, but the traits he likes are independence/intelligence, attractive, and funny. When asked what he wants stocked him his tour bus, he said “Hoegaarden Beer” Beatles are his musical inspiration He has 2 dogs He has been eating a lot of salads No plans for him to do any solo songs on the tour He loves kids, but he is content with 4 kids and is not planning on having any more When asked if he prefers rough or slow sex, he said both He likes Jason Mraz? They are already thinking of touring in the summer of 2009 His mom’s parents were from Portugal His favorite restaurant in Boston is the Oyster House He likes Sushi He doesn’t gamble or smoke, he says his only “vice” is sex He loves Maxwell He loves Miami – no winter When asked what cologne he wears he says it’s a secret When asked if he uses toys in the bedroom, he said none necessary. He says he is a giver and “a freak but a gentleman” Prefers the waxed/Brazilian He works out 5-6 per week, he lifts weights and runs When asked about fitness tips, he said "you are what you eat, I eat healthy and train hard and drinks lots of water”

He was thinking about making a fitness DVD

When asked who from the group he is closest to, he said Donnie

His top friends on his myspace are people who has supported his solo career

If anyone has the summary from any of the other of the chats with the other 4 guys, please leave a comment.

Update: For summary of Joe's chat, click here (Thanks Linagirl) 

Their web cam wasn’t working for me during the chat, but I managed to get a few screen shots at the very end. The one of Donnie on the phone is him calling a fan he just talked to in the chat!


LinaGirl26 said...

Joe's influence is Frank Sinatra.

And theatre.

He is a butt man.

His favorite song on the album is Twisted with Single close behind.

They're doing Twisted in the show and he says "It's hot"

The reason they said Jones Beach instead of a beach in Boston on Summertime is to pay homage to all the shows they did in NY.

He says he doesn't remember a redhead from 9 years ago with camcorder - who would?

James Font Leroy wrote Twisted.

Twisted probably means something different to him than the rest of the guys. He feels like it is about a girl who is a "piece of work" who is at that point in her life who likes the drama, and the guy is obsessed with her attention.

"Hat size - BIG"

He wants to more video blogs from the road.

The biggest difference now is that they work really hard to stay on the same page and work toward a shared goal.

He thinks they'll tour in '09 but "we'll see".

He doesn't know what he'll be doing in 20 years - too long.

He doesn't think this is their last album together, but maybe.

(I screamed SLOW DOWN in the chat and he typed FASTER!)

Lady Gaga will doing some dates with them.

He said he was much happier with Single on the Today show than with The View.

The baby baby bus is Danny & Donnie's bus and it's the "baby daddy" bus. LOL

His bus is the Mac Daddy bus.

His son is the greatest, it's everything they say it is.

Griffin has lots of teeth and it's really cute.

He loves the new video.

He thinks the girl in the video is hot. And he doesn't discriminate when asked if he preferes blondes.

He says Eman rocks and they were in each other's weddings.

I quote: "No offense to Face the Music, but this ain't that. Be bold and know that this is hot and cool. And if you call to request, just call like you want to hear the song. Not like a crazy will take the edge off"

He is single on stage and for 3 minutes and 27 seconds after the show. But not for preshow.

He tried to write a book once, it's hard. Is thinking of writing stuff for the blog - compile it. He enjoys writing.

He loves the East Coast to live, NY but only some New Yorkers.

Loves the Boston College Eagles.

He doesn't work out. He runs and does 230 push ups a year...

He may just rip off his shirt in the show.

NKOTB News said...

Thanks for sharing Linagirl!

Anonymous said...

Thanks ladies! I couldn't get on during the chat and you ladies have made my day with the transcript!

LinaGirl26 said...

No problem! I had fun in the crazy chat room. The guys are great and I loooove this blog! I don't know how you do

Anonymous said...

anyone have donnie's??
thx -julie

Darlene said...

Some very wonderful person sent this to me...


A lot of women are giving Donnie their numbers when he first came on.

Donnie: my number is………..
Donnie: 617-637-2564
Girls: You’re teasing
Donnie: Ask Zach
A lot of girls calling him a tease now
Donnie: heyyyyyyyyy
Girl: Donnie will you follow through with that?
Donnie: hey hey hey hey
Girls: hey what?
Donnie: I always follow thru
Someone wished him a Happy Belated Birthday.
D: ty Josephine
Charlene: Donnie say my name
D: Charlene
D: I need a new girl
Lots of requests to be said new girl
D: ha!!!!!
Someone said he needed a Midwest girl.
D: Midwest rocks
D: Sorry….I’m a flirt
Everyone says we love it!
D: east coast is heaven on earth
Kate: Donnie are you going to be easy to find before the shows?
D: yes I will be findable
Me: South’s the best we can cook!
D: south rocks
D: listen – I love touring. I love fans. I love life
D: I am gonna have the best time ever
D: join me or miss out
Lori: can I get a hi?
D: hi lori
Someone asked join you where?
D: everywhere
Charlene: will you wait for us at your bus for hugs?
D: yes I will wait
Me: Donnie I picked Tom Brady for my fantasy football QB in honor of you and I’m a Cowboys fan.
D: ty nicole2
D: always go to a waffle house after down south shows
D: in the show old songs?\
Lydia: Chris Brown announced that he was working with the New Kids
D: we did not work with chris
Angela: can I be your cover girl?
D: yes angela
Vickie: Donnie can I stare at you forever?
D: yes Vickie
D: tom (not sure what that was about)
Sonia: how long will you be in CT for Mohegan show in Sept?
D: dont know sonia
D: we got the cheapest tickets of anyone on tour
D: we really want this to be great for you guys
D: I know times are tough…..we gonna kick #@!!@*!! And make it worth all your teoubles
D: troubles
D: find zach for meetings and passes
Amber: I have 6 kids and I’m leaving them for the first time to fly 800 miles to come and see you.
D: love you amber
A lot of A SLEEEPOVERS?????
And I’d love a sleepover!!!!!
D: just find me
D: I will acknowledge you and love you and thank you and treat you like a human being
D: Jordan is sexy (not sure where that came from either)
D: x rated in jordans room
D: x rated on dannys tour bus
Someone said “ Jordan told us his balls were all sweaty the other day
D: he was sweaty from kickin #@!!@*!! On tv
D: Donnie knows that he is only as hot as the ladies make him look
D: you all make me look good
D: I love the fans now better
D: it matters more this time
D: it makes us really re-think how much we meant to you guys before
D: baby baby baby bus……get on it if you single!!!
D: pretty mommma if u single…single…get yo #@!!@*!! On the baby baby bus
D: ha ha
Someone asked who’s bus is this?
D: just joikes
D: jokes
Jenn: baby baby baby bus is gonna need a tuneup after each city
D: put that drink down on my tab!!!
D: TAB is banging in the clubs!!!!!
D: no mo (didn’t know what he was answering no to)
Malina: Donnie?
D: yes malina
Someone asked him boobs, butts or legs?
D: all of em
Me: always the ladies man
A lot more phone numbers being given
D: too many #’s to type
D: that’s whats up!!! Leave jon for me!!!
Sherrie: please don’t become a hermit…
D: never sherrie
Kate: I left Joey for you
D: ty kate
D: jon is the best
MoAisha: I will never leave ya, once a Donnie girl always a Donnie girl.
D: ty mo
D: yes yes yes…………I want all the love
Amber: Donnie do you know what BMI is?
D: no what is bmi
Jenn: u don’t love me no more Donnie? L LOL!
D: yes jenn I do
Noreen: Donnie where do you see yourself in 10 years from now???
D: on an island sleeping
Me: can I join you?
MoAisha: Donnie are you ever gonna get anymore tatts?
D: no mo
D: I got my god and that is it (not sure where this came from)
D: my mom and dad (again not sure where this came from)
Someone asked him what was his favorite song to write
D: not sure which was favorite to write
Amber: Hey I got 6 kids and wanna know how your momma did it
D: good question amber
D: she is amazing
D: so are you with 6
Amber2: Hi Donnie… Texas luvs you J
D: don’t mess with texas
Nikki: dirty south
D: dirty dirty
Laura: Donnie – I love you! I want a night with you
D: k laura
Ctinaben: do you prefer LA or Boston ?
Jenna: you r so sexy
D: buff
Shari: Afraid I won’t get any facetime LLLL
D: you will shari
Stavroula: Would you guys ever think of doing an international tour?
D: yes stav
Amber: Elijah is so handsome and so is Xavier
D: ty amber
Someone asked about bringing him a gift to LA
D: bring it
Yoli: Are you going to do more acting in the future?
D: yes yoli
D: all yall gotta go see righteous kill!!!!promise me!!!!
Something was said about Facetime
D: wear a facetime shirt and you will get some
D: yep make it known you want facetime and you will get some
Megan: Are you going to have facetime in the hotel after the Charlotte concert?
D: yes
Someone asked him if they would still get facetime even if they didn’t wear a shirt
Laurina: Donnie I need facetime…and I want it in the form of a kiss….can we work that out?
D: how could I say no to a shirt asking for it
Katherine: So there’s no limit on how much facetime a person can get?
D: no
Amber: Are you full Irish?
D: no irish and Swedish
Angela: so if we ask for more on the shirt we get it LOL
D: yes
D: I am humble
Vickie: Can I Dirty Dance on you
D: not hard to stay
D: yes Vickie
D: well gotta go now….love you all. I will do all I can to make you happy on tour. I really mean it
Lots of bye’s
D: don’t give up on me if you don’t find me. I will give you all I have to give
D: love you all forever!!!!!!!!!
D: I am giving out hugs like a maniac!!!!!
D: besos
D: 1,000,000,000
D: BILLION!!!!!!!!!
D: love you all bye

Jeanette said...

You forgot Danny said he didn't dig whipped cream because he said he tastes good enough without it.

He also says he is a talker.. by this point I told him i'm not only a talker but a yeller HA HA HA.

It was rather steamy...

jordankinghtlover said...

hey jordan i think ur cute i love nkotb and im almost 13 my mom love u guys <3 plz write back