Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Interview on MTV?

If you can, watch the MTV "The Hills: The After Show" - the guys may be interviewed on this show in the next few days (I think it may only be MTV in Canada, but I'm not sure). Thanks to Mimi who gave us the head's up by leaving a comment.


Anonymous said...

How can I share some info with you? Just as a comment? At the moment I don´t have any new stuff but who knows....maybe next time I´m faster than you ;-)Christina

NKOTB News said...

I was thinking of setting up something like a special email account for news tips... let me think about it and I'll come up with something. Thanks for the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

sth like a shoutbox???

Anonymous said...

hi guys
ok so i just checked out and they have posted this weeks episodes up and as i rewatched the new kids part they in fact did say that the whole interview would be shown next week.

You have to go to then at the top menu to TV Shows and you'll find THE AFTER SHOW in the list, then its the episode called The After Show: 09.16.08 and at the very beginning of the show theres a little clip of Jordan and Joe showing the host some dance moves (youll see it as soon as you click on that episode) then if you clip on the part that's called Jessi chats with New Kids on the Block the topic of them starts at 2:55 and ends at 7:07.

Remember its just a tiny part the whole interview plays next week, not sure which day but i'll be watching the show all week. Hope you guys in the u.s are able to watch it!


NKOTB News said...

I can't watch it because I'm not in Canada:( Of course I can still view the commericals, ha ah.