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Interview with Danny from MTV UK

Here is an interview with Danny from MTV UK. Thanks to Len for the update.

We spoke to Danny about the boys’ unlikely comeback, their new single and British women…

New Kids On The Block were the original boyband from 1986 till their split in 1994 way before Take That, N Sync or Backstreet Boys were on the music scene.

Members Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntrye and Danny Wood have since had separate careers. Jordan had a successful solo career, Donnie went off to Hollywood and Danny starred in our show Totally Boyband.

Now the five-some have unexpectedly reformed and recorded an entire new album- which features collaborations with some of the hottest artists around. We spoke to Danny to get all the gossip…

MTV: Hi Danny, how did the reunion come about?

It started when Tony gave me a call because he had written (song) Click Click Click and I loved the song and we started from there. We recorded six or seven songs before anyone knew

There was no plan we just thought we would see what happens. Things started happening naturally so we knew it was real- It’s all about the music!

What would you say to detractors who say you’re doing it for the money?

People are gonna say what ever they want. My bank account looked very nice before all of this so I didn’t have anything to worry about. We all have lives and I have a jet company so I don’t need the money.

Is this the first time you’ve talked about reforming since you split in 1994?

There was talk from other people- TV shows or producers- but not us. This was the first time we had got together and discussed doing anything.

What has changed?

The over all maturity level has changed and we are all better business men. Four of us have got kids, It’s different but when we get in the room and it’s just the 5 of us we are the same as always. When we perform together not much has changed.

What’s it like hanging out? Do you have laddish banter?

It’s very funny because people from Boston are like the British. They love to mess with each other and with us it’s all day long! If it wasn’t like that we wouldn’t be doing it.

What do you remember most about being in the UK for the MTV show Totally Boyband?

The partying. You guys can drink! I probably put on 10 pounds- I got home (to America) and didn’t drink. Making the show was so much fun and non-stop laughs. I feel very lucky that I got the chance to do it.

There were lots of beautiful women around when I was over there too. They are pretty incredible. I can’t wait to come back.

Do you keep in touch will anyone from Totally Boyband?

I talk to Jimmy still because he’s the most responsible and I’m gonna see him when I come over. I can’t find Brad and Dane has changed his number like 6 or 7 times. Put the word out for them to get in touch!

Who has worked on the new album?

We did a lot with Red One and we worked with Teddy Riley, Pollow Da Don, Akon, New Edition and Lady Gaga as well.

It’s a contemporary sound. We just set out to make a good record and see what happens.

What are your favorite tracks?

The next single is a duet with Ne-Yo. I like Click Click Click because it was the first song we recorded when we got back together.

Tell us about the single Summertime?

At the time we first released it we were still finding more songs for the record. Donnie wrote it with this young kid Nas’ree. It’s a tribute to our fans inviting them back to the party. The second single (after Summertime) is gonna kick off the party!

NKOTB’s comeback album The Block is out this week. The band tour the UK in January 2009.

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