Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Making NKOTB's New Album at people.com

Donnie Wahlberg Gives a Peek at Making NKOTB's New Album at people.com

Ever wonder what it’s like to spend a night with Donnie Wahlberg? Here’s an inside peek at an all-night New Kids on the Block recording session as Donnie and the guys work on two tracks – "Big Girl Now" and "2 in the morning" – off their new album, The Block, to be released Tuesday. Two things that are made clear in the video: A) Donnie can’t detach himself from his BlackBerry and B) The guys loved being back in the studio to record their first album in 14 years. Though Donnie called that particular night “a beast,” he later credits his fellow bandmates for making it "a fun night. It worked out incredible." You be the judge.
–Michelle Tan

I don't think this was the original video that was posted on this post, but here's another behind the scenes video from around that same time period. 

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