Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NKOTB on The View

Here is a summary from The View website

The New Kids on the Block appeared on the show. Their new album The Block is out today and is their first album together since the early 1990s. Elisabeth and Sherri excitedly hugged them all and said they have been waiting so long to get them on the show. Donnie Walberg pointed out how Elisabeth and Sherri did the “Hangin’ Tough” dance on the show awhile back. Elisabeth admitted to being a member of the fan club and having buttons, pillowcases, etc. Donnie said it was time for them to stop when they did. He said that they needed time away and to discover who they were. He said that the fans needed some time away too to grow up, pointing out that Elisabeth has grown into a lovely woman and has children now.

Danny Wood said that he got a call from Donnie about a reunion and that is how it started. Danny has four kids and is the VP of a private jet company. Donnie has been acting and has a new movie Righteous Kill coming out soon. He has two sons. Joey McIntyre did Dancing with the Stars, has a son, and made solo records. He was also in Wicked in Broadway. Jonathan Knight joked he was at home waiting for the phone call. Jordan did some solo records and has a couple of babies.

Here is the video:

Video courtesy of newkidsontheblockvid

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