Tuesday, September 13, 2022

More rare Jordan Knight songs

I was surprised that Jordan Knight's song "Right Here Waiting" was not already on YouTube, so that's why I shared it in yesterday's post. There are a few other songs that are not on any of Jordan's albums (at least the standard US versions). These were already uploaded to YouTube, but in case you missed them, here are a few more Jordan Knight songs! Note: I didn't include anything from "Around the World" in this post. I'll make a separate post about that unreleased album soon!

"One On One": Jordan's remake of the Hall & Oates song. This was a Best Buy exclusive song from Jordan's "Love Songs" album:

Video courtesy of DS

"Your Vibe" featuring Rich Cronin of LFO from the Pop Star Soundtrack:

Video courtesy of Miya P

"My Heart Is Saying Now": From the "Snow Day" soundtrack:

"Can I Come Over Tonight": Song included on some International versions of his debut solo album:

Video courtesy of Aurea Blanc

"Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone": Duet with Deborah Cox and produced by Ron Fair. Jordan was a judge on "Cover Me Canada" in 2011. He and the other judges (Cox and Fair) recorded this remake of the Glass Tiger song:

Video courtesy of Kyle Richmond

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