Thursday, September 22, 2022

NKOTB News for September 22

Jonathan and Kristina Crestin went live on Instagram last night to answer questions about Farmhouse Fixer! There was even a Jordan Knight sighting about 3 minutes in!

Jon and Jordan were not the only ones to make an appearance on Instagram live last night! Jenny went live right before the season premiere of The Masked Singer and Donnie joined her!

Donnie shared a behind-the-scenes video about how they decided to use flashlights in the choreography for Twisted on the Mixtape Tour!

Donnie shared a clip of him and Will Estes on the set of Blue Bloods discussing whose car is better:

And he also took the time to take a selfie with some students from St. Patrick's in Bay Ridge:

Joey posted a few new stories on his Instagram yesterday! Here's him finishing his mediation while at rehearsals for Drag The Musical:

I'm not entirely sure what's going on in this one. Looks like he was having lunch at Ghost Pizza Kitchen while they were playing a Paula Abdul song in the background...

Joey having fun with a mustache filter:

Joey was impressed with the shoe selection at a store on Melrose Ave.

Here's some treats the cast and crew of Drag the Musical got from Maddy Bear Bakes:

Did you see Farmhouse Fixer last night? I didn't know this, but if you recorded it on DVR, try to watch it by Friday so it counts in the ratings! Jon shared that information in his Instagram story: 

Jon also shared these preview photos prior to the show airing last night...

Here's a blooper he shared on his Instagram:

Jon also shared these photos on Instagram:

Thank you @holly.matulewicz and Jason Matulewicz for the amazing experience and for your trust!! Holly I love that you are like me and not afraid to show your emotions!!! Hugs to you and your entire family!

In order to create these amazing spaces you need to be surrounded by like minded amazing people!!! Thank you Shawn Curran for being a huge part of bringing our visions to life!! @curranconstruction

Here are some clips from last night's show from HGTV:

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