Wednesday, September 21, 2022

NKOTB News for September 21

Joey has been busy rehearsing for Drag The Musical! It's "tech week" and Joey and some other cast members have been sharing some photos and video clips on their social media!

Joey was impressed with the snacks provided at tech rehearsals:

He also did a meditation:

Joey and some cast mates having a little fun!

Joey having fun rocking out with Tomas Costanza (a co-creator of Drag the Musical)

Don't forget, there is a new episode of Farmhouse Fixer tonight and at 8pm Eastern, Jon and Kristina are going live on Instagram! You can submit your question ahead of time by visiting Kristina's Instagram page and clicking on her stories (click on her profile photo). 

Donnie shared this Instagram reel where he was flying and he saw another airplane that seemed a little too close!

Yesterday marked the 23rd anniversary of Betty Wood's passing, and Remember Betty put together this video:

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