Wednesday, September 14, 2022

NKOTB News for September 14

The NKOTB Cruise 2022 has officially Sold Out!  If you didn’t get a cabin and still hope to go, the only way to book now is to get on the waitlist!

Joey will be a guest on the "On the Rocks Radio Show with Alexander Rodriguez" along with his Drag co-star Nick Adams. The photo that Nick shared below says Thursday night. It looks like it'll be available either as a podcast or a video on YouTube, so I'll report back if I see it posted. 

Nick also shared this video of him and Joey signing the wall while they visited the studio to record the show with Alexander Rodriguez:

Joey shared another video of him working out on his Peloton a couple days ago:

Jonathan was in Washington "on business" (not sure what that's all about?!), and he had a chance to visit his nephew Hunter (photos from his Instagram):

He also made a post about his other nephew, Griffin McIntyre earlier this week: 

Here is a short video Jonathan shared of his dalhias being visited by a couple bees:

Danny posted a new work-out video on Saturday: 
Donnie had a laugh over a cartoon character that resembles him (photos from his Instagram): 

Donnie also posted a "safe and sound on the ground" video. Jenny was there waiting for him!

Sherri Shepherd has a new show, and some celebrities including Donnie and Jenny, wished her well. Click here to watch!

NKOTB's official Instagram posted this video as a first in a series of cruise tips!

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