Saturday, March 19, 2022

NKOTB interview with B98.5

The New Kids on the Block were interviewed by Tad, Drex and Kara from B98.5 in Atlanta during their Mixtape Tour/Bring Back the Time promo day (on March 3rd). They talk about their capturing the spirit of the 80's in their latest music video, going on tour with Rick Astley, and multiple generations of NKOTB fans at the show. Donnie is asked about him giving a care package to an 11 year old NKOTB fan whose shirt was stolen at the Fenway Park concert. They are also asked about April 24 being declared New Kids on the Block day in Boston. 

I just noticed I never posted Donnie's response to the t-shirt incident on this site, so here's some news reports!

WCVB also did a report on this story, and included Donnie's full video message to Connor!

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