Friday, March 25, 2022

Sending love to Maria’s loved ones

Sad to report that Maria (yikes77) passed away today. Here is what was shared on social media by her friends: 

I never had a chance to meet her, and only interacted with her a few times online. By the messages I’m reading online, I wish I did get a chance to meet her. She has made quite a positive impact on our fandom. Like I mentioned in a previous post, even though this site is run by one fan, I get a lot of help from other Blockheads! She has helped so much with not just her YouTube channel, but she also kept up with all the NKOTB news herself, often getting the scoop before me. At one time, back when you used to get Twitter alerts by text, I had it set up so it alerted me of new tweets from 6 people: the 5 guys… and hers! 

Like the tribute above says, there are no perfect words to honor her.  I’m sending my love to all the BH’s who knew her, as well as her other loved ones.  We will miss you yikes! 

You can still donate to Remember Betty in her honor by going here

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