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NKOTB News: New The Wanderer video clips, Donnie talks to The Daily Mail and more!

Here is a video with some clips from "The Wanderer"! Joey is singing a song at 3:20 - I wonder if that's the song he co-wrote with Dion? Check out some photos over at Broadway World.

Here's a short clip of Joey and Mike Wartella "wandering" on their day off:

Video from Mike Wartella on Instagram

Donnie was interviewed by The Daily Mail in the UK. He talks about a recurring nightmare, what's on NKOTB's rider and there is a possibility they could be coming to the UK (and I'm guessing more places in Europe) sooner than later! Here's the article:

EXCLUSIVE: 'I have recurring nightmares': New Kids On The Block star Donnie Wahlberg admits he has an irrational fear that he will 'screw up on stage' ahead of latest tour

New Kids On The Block's Donnie Wahlberg admits he has a 'recurring nightmare' when it comes to performing on stage. 

The 52-year-old, who first joined the band in 1984, alongside Jonathan Knight, 53, Jordan Knight, 51, Joey McIntyre, 49, and Danny Wood, 52, says he finds the dreams 'really terrifying'.

'I have a recurring nightmare that it's opening night of the show and I'm literally walking into the venue while the houselights are down and the show is starting and I haven't done anything'. 

The lead singer who controls the creative direction of the band's tour said: 'So this nightmare is really terrifying, because I haven't built a set list, designed the show, anything and I'm standing there and being handed a microphone and being told to go on'. 

'And I'm looking around and I don't know what's going to happen and I've had this dream like 10 times. I'm fully engaged but my nightmare is that none of this happens and we're totally improvising on open night'.

'The nightmare is that the fans will be disappointed. But the reality is I think a lot of our fans would quite like to watching us bumble up the whole show and screw everything up'. 

The band have recently returned to their Mixtape tour to promote their newest single Bring Back The Time featuring fellow stars Salt-N-Pepa, Rick Astley and En Vogue. 

'Joe and I always have a bottle of scotch for opening night' Donnie revealed when speaking about the group's riders - their dressing room requests. 

'When we were kids we had arcade games on the rider and ping pong tables – it was madness, but now we just don't have wants on the rider we just have needs'. 

When speaking about the group and their longevity, the singer said: 'I'm sort of surprised by it all constantly, even to this day'.   

Donnie revealed that he believes nostalgia plays a big role in their success and that's why they decided to dress up as other 1980s stars in their newest music video. 

'We didn't know if the fans would love it or not, they might say it's fun but we like to see you guys as you, but they just loved it'.

'I think for New Kids and the fans two things happen at each concert – we've all grown up and had so many responsibilities in our lives, New Kids and their fans, they have jobs, they have kids, they have responsibilities, they have successes in life and tragedies in life – we've all dealt with so many things. 

'So I think when we make music now and we go on tour, there is a feeling of nostalgia but there's also a feeling of I'm getting to treat myself to something fun. The dads and husbands are all coming now, it's outrageous - when they were young boys they probably hated us'.

'But it's not all about nostalgia, there's still an element of I deserve to have a good time - I work 50 hours a week and I'm raising kids and I want to have a good time with my husband or my girlfriends. Nostalgia is part of the evening but curtailing there's a large element of everybody deserves to have a good time'.

And on the possibility of touring in the UK Donnie said: 'It's much more of a possibility to happen sooner rather than later'.

Co-written and co-produced by Donnie, the song aims to uplift and inspire listeners. Embodying the feel-good sentiment of their upcoming tour he said: 'From the second I started working on this song, I knew it could be a perfect anthem for the entire Mixtape 2022 tour! Sort of like a 'Mixtape within a Mixtape'.    

'When the other artists from the tour lineup responded with such enthusiasm, and were willing to take this nostalgic musical journey together, I knew it would be something special for all of our fans'. 

'Hopefully, 'Bring Back The Time' captures a love of music, of making memories and of people celebrating the best of times. We plan on bringing that very energy to the stage every single night!'


Apparently Danny isn't the only one getting his daily workouts in. 😉 Donnie shared this video on Instagram this morning:

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