Wednesday, March 9, 2022

NKOTB News: "Bring Back the Time" blooper reel, New podcast with Donnie Wahlberg and more!

At the Skate party last week the guys showed a video of the "bloopers" while filming their "Bring Back the Time" video!

Video courtesy of  Kelly Ryan-schmidt

Last week I posted the videos that inspired the New Kids on the Block's “Bring Back The Time” video. Here is a video from kimbertimber with a side by side view of their video with the original videos!

Video courtesy of kimbertimber

Very Scary People now has a podcast and Donnie will be a part of it! They will be launching on March 18!  Here is a short sneak preview!

Update from Joey about the blonde hair... He likes the blonde hair and was a little disappointed it wasn't as popular as he thought!

Joey also shared this clip from Christy Altomare (an actress who will also be on the Wanderer) of Dion and the crew. (FYI curse word at the beginning in case you're watching this at work)

He also shared a screen shot of his commute, a script and a photo of him on the set of The Wanderer on Instagram: 

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