Monday, March 28, 2022

NKOTB News for March 28

The first few performances of "The Wanderer" are in the books! I'm seeing a lot of photos of Joey with fans outside of the theater on social media! If you're looking for a review of the show (with some minor spoilers), check out this post by christinawrites. You can also see a photo of the set from sarahogleby.

Here is a clip of Joey and Christy Altomore enjoying a "peep" backstage during intermission last night: 

Joey shared this video clip of him enjoying some Bon Jovi while driving the "Golden Goose" (must be some kind of inside joke with him and Mike Wartella):

Here are some new photos of Jonathan!

Photos from Kristina Crestin

Photo from Jonathan Knight

Jonathan and Harley welcomed some new chicks to their farm this weekend! 

Video from Harley Rodriguez on Instagram

There is a NKOTB storage unit out there somewhere, and Donnie shared a short video clip of it:

Donnie also recently shared this new selfie on Twitter before taking off with the caption "love each other, and love yourselves, today & always. #loveeternal #bhlove 🤖❤️♾"

Then he posted he landed safely a few hours later

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