Friday, March 18, 2022

Update on Maria (Yikes77)

A couple days ago Maria ("yikes77") posted this on Twitter in response to Donnie's "Bring Back the Time" Instagram challenge. 

While the prognosis might not have changed, I was happy to see she was going home and she felt she had enough strength to create it. However, in a recent update from her friends, we learned she is now too weak to return home. 

Even though she didn't get a chance to create her own BBTT video, Donnie made one for her and also wrote a very touching message. 

So please take a moment to send some prayers and positive thoughts to her, her family, and to all her BH friends.

A special link to donate to Remember Betty in her honor has been set up.  As of the time of this post we have raised $2,725 so far! The goal is $10,000. Let's see if we can make it happen! Click here to donate!

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